Take a tour and learn the rich history of Coron Island. The tour includes several sites:

  • Banuang Daan. This is the first town site of Coron that greeted travelers as they traverse the water corridor leading to Coron Bay. The place is now a barrio / barangay inhabited by Tagbanuas, its original inhabitants.

  • Maquinit. This is the second town site of Coron and is on the shores of Busuanga Island and also faces the passage of Coron Bay. The early inhabitants moved to this place to avoid Muslim raids. The place is known for its hot springs, which contain sulfur and is a good cure for skin diseases and rheumatism.

  • The Gabaldon Building. This is the oldest elementary school building in Coron, which was constructed in 1908 at the then Coron Central School, now Claudio Sandoval Elementary School.

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