There are numerous islands you can explore. However, guests who want further adventure may include these islands upon request:

  • Malaroyroy. This is a 15-hectare peninsula located in the southern part of Coron Bay, connected by “sand bridges” to two other tiny islands, all golden white sand. The water atop the sand bridges is slightly above ankle level giving the impression that one is… walking on water. A church is located at the heart of the island where it has a view of the white beach on one side and mangroves on the other. Groups of starfishes and colorful fishes are just around the island.

  • Banana Island. This island faces the peninsula of Malaroyroy. Its shores are deep and filled with amazing corals and a diversity of sea creatures. Everything in this island is of indigenous materials, creating a Robinson Crusoe kind of experience.

  • Malcapuya Island. One of the most beautiful islands on earth, this privately-owned island will be developed into a hideaway for selected clientele.

  • Barracuda Lake. This is a reverse thermal lake – water temperature at the surface is 28 degrees Celcius (80 degrees Fahrenheit). You can visibly see a thermal cline separating the “cool” surface from the 40 degree Celcius (104 degree Fahrenheit) water below.

  • Beach 91 Island. This is one the the smaller pocket beaches in Coron Island. It was called Beach 91 when some locals, some time ago, vandalized the area by spray painting the words – Beach 91 on one of the rocks.

  • Mabentangen River and Dam. Discover the source of fresh water for Coron. Walk along the Mabentangen River and end your trek with a cool dip at the dam.

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